We have limited space for cats and dogs. Since we are a "no-kill" shelter, we cannot take every animal that is in need. When an animal comes to the shelter, it will remain there until it is adopted. Sometimes that can take months for an animal to find a home and we have had several animals stay with us for up to a year or more. Please keep in mind before you surrender a pet to us, be sure that you have tried your best at making the situation work and/or attempted to find the animal a good home yourself. Please do avoid placing "Free to Good Home Ads".

If you have a pet you need to surrender, please call in advance to see if we have the space. If we do not, please be patient. If we do not have an open cage, there is nothing we can do about it. We are more than happy to put you on our waiting list and we also recommend calling frequently to check if space is available.

The Cattery is usually at maximum capacity. There are simply so many more cats than people who are willing to take care of them. If you have a cat that you cannot care for, please call ahead to see if we have space for your cat. We cannot overcrowd the shelter. If we are full, please be patient. As we have adoptions, we are able to take in more cats. As cages become available, they are available on a first come first serve basis.


We do not have a set incoming or surrender fee. Please donate what you can. We are a non-profit organization that does not receive any funding from the city, county, or state. Your donations will help provide food, shelter, and veterinary care for your pet while they stay at Almost Home.

If we do not have room for your pet you can check with other shelters in Iowa. For a list of Iowa shelter, visit Petfinder.

Almost Home/Humane Society of North Central Iowa
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