Lost Pets

We receive numerous calls from frantic owners that have lost their pets. Many do not know where to turn, so they call us right away. Typically we take in owner surrenders but we do get the occasional stray. So it is very important that you check with us - just in case.

Next, you will want to call Town and Country Veterinary Clinic. 515-955-8591 When Animal Control picks up an animal, this is where they take it. This vet clinic also serves as the city pound. If your pet is not at either location, it is advised that you keep checking on a daily basis.

Depending on our available space, some animals will come to the shelter, to be put up for adoption. It is a good idea to call your vet clinic and other local clinics in case someone finds your pet and contacts them. Most vet clinics have a bulletin board and usually will post notices of lost or found pets. You also may want to put an ad in the Lost and Found in the Messenger Newspaper, and online at Petfinder. Be sure that your pet wears a collar and tags with your current telephone number and address. This could be his ticket home.

Another useful identification method is to get your pet microchipped. This quick procedure is fairly inexpensive and best of all, it is permanent. Collars and tags can be lost but the microchip is implanted into your pet. Most shelters and pounds scan all incoming animals to check the microchips.

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